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Essential Oil - Pregnancy Pack
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Essential Oil - Pregnancy Pack

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This 3 pack of oils (Miracle, Blossom and Balance) will see you through your pregnancy and those first few weeks beyond. 

Blossom- Oil Benefits

We have developed this therapeutic oil blend for your

blossoming body. Intended to be rubbed into areas where

your body is growing and to aid in the skin growth,

without developing marks from stretching.

Lavender: Lavender oil can increase collagen production.

Promotes skin growth and healing.

Wild Orange: Tighten and tone.

Bergamot: Soothes and rejuvenates the skin

Myrhh: soothing to the skin, promoting a smooth, youthful



Miracle - Oil Benefits

You are growing a miracle, and sometimes

in those early weeks we need a miracle cure

for the nausea. Adoreu Baby have developed

this blend with all the essential oils to assist in

alleviating those symptoms. The scent is mild

so as not to overwhelm your sensitive sense of smell.

Copaiba: Soothe anxiety

Clove: Anti-nausea properties, gut stimulant

Ginger: Digestive aid, anti-nausea and indigestion

Lavender: Relaxation, Anti-nausea

Peppermint: Alleviate stomach upset


Balance- Oil Benefits

Your miracle is here and your hormones and body need to

re-balance. This blend will aid in all those emotions

surrounding you.

Lavender: Reduce anxiety and stress, relax and soothe

Grapefruit: Uplifting, cleansing and purifying

Ylang Ylang: lessen tension and stress and promotes a positive


Frankincense: The king of oils, Frankincense is known to support

healthy cellular, immune, and nervous system