Rose Gold Vermeil

Everything You Need To Know About Vermeil Jewellery
Vermeil pronounced (vur-may), jewellery is a centuries-old method that is becoming a favourite of top jewellery designers around the world for its premium quality and sensible pricing. 
Vermeil jewellery is an ideal choice if you love rose gold but are in the market for something more affordable. 
rose gold vermeil jewellery Australian designed and ownedRose Gold Vermeil jewellery Tasmanian designed and owned
What is Vermeil Jewellery? 
Simply put, it is a combination of a thick layer of rose gold over high-quality sterling silver. 
Three main criteria need to be met in order for it to be considered vermeil:
  1. The base metal must contain 92.5% sterling silver or 99.9% silver.
  2. The purity of the rose gold must be at least 10 karats. However all adoreu jewellery is made using 18K. Anything higher will be too soft and anything lower doesn’t offer you that rich rose gold colour.
  3. The thickness of the gold coating must be at least 2.5 microns.

When these three standards are not met, then the metal becomes rose gold-filled or rose gold-plated. These are your other options when looking for rose gold jewellery along with solid rose gold. 
Will Rose Gold Vermeil Tarnish?
Tarnishing is a chemical reaction that occurs when the other metals that are mixed with the rose gold and silver in fine jewellery come into contact with air and other various substances such as lotions, perfumes and oils on the skin and cause it to darken. 
The base metal used for making vermeil is sterling silver. Sterling silver is composed of 97.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. 
So in short, yes, rose gold vermeil can tarnish but the good news is that this darkening is only a thin layer on the surface of the metal and can easily be removed and returned to its original sparkle. With a little care and maintenance the tarnishing can even be prevented so your special piece will last for years to come. 
Care & Maintenance 
With care and a little maintenance, vermeil jewellery can keep sparkling through the years.
Here are our top tips for how to clean and care for vermeil jewellery:
This ones at the top because it is so important!  Exposure to moisture in the air can wear down your vermeil jewellery overtime and cause a reaction. 
Follow these simple and easy storage tips and your vermeil jewellery will last a lifetime.
Tip 1:  Simply store your special piece in the adoreu gift box provided.
Tip 2: Alternatively, you can store your vermeil jewellery in a zip lock/air tight bag, but you’ll want to make sure you get rid of as much air as possible before sealing it. 
Tip 3: Whichever method you choose, the pouch or the zip lock bag, ensure it is not stored near a heat source and doesn’t have any weight on it. This can cause discolouration and deformation. 
Keep it Dry 
One of the quickest ways to tarnish your jewellery is by contact with moisture and liquids. This includes lotions, hand washing, perfume and sweating. 
To help keep your vermeil jewellery dry we recommend you wait at least 5 minutes after applying lotions or perfumes before putting on your special piece.
Avoid wearing your jewellery in chlorinated pools or hot tubs.  The chemicals used can cause discolouration.
Remove any jewellery that may come in contact with household cleaners when cleaning.
Even the PH levels in your sweat can cause a reaction with your vermeil jewellery so avoid wear your jewellery when exercising. 

Clean It Carefully!
Cleaning vermeil jewellery takes special care not to rub off the outer layer of rose gold leaving the silver underneath visible. 
We recommend, if you need to wash your vermeil jewellery, use lukewarm water and a soft liquid soap.  Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents. 
Dip your jewellery one piece at a time into the soapy water and, using your fingers gently rub away any dirt or debris.  Rinse with clean soap free water and gently pat dry. 
Do not use a brush or coarse fabrics to clean vermeil jewellery as this can potentially scratch the surface.  
If you notice a little tarnishing you can try using a jewellery cloth to remove the dark spots if washing it didn’t do the trick.  A jewellery cloth is pre-treated with special chemicals to help remove the tarnishing. But, be CAREFUL! Using it too much can actually remove the gold plating.  Avoid rubbing too hard when using it, as this can also cause the top layer to rub off.  The cloth's special polishing and cleansing action works until the cloth is completely darkened. Do not wash the cloth.
If you notice hard-to-reach areas where dirt has built up or are having trouble removing tarnishing with the cleaning methods we have recommended, it’s best to have your special piece professionally cleaned.  Your local jewellery store may have special tools to get the job done! 
Rose Gold vermeil is a great alternative, it gives you all the sparkle and shine of gold at an affordable price. With a little care and maintenance it can last for years to come.